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A Highly Motivated & Passionate Web/Graphic Designer
from London
About Me.

A highly motivated & passionate web/graphic designer from London

A highly motivated, passionate, reliable and hard working computer science graduate with over 3 years commercial experience in web/graphic design and front end development with relevant experience in a competitive market working with varying web technologies, willingly adapting and applying my skills to any position of employment to acquire experience in all areas of industry.
Web/Graphic Design, UI, UX, % 80
JavaScript, jQuery, % 70
Bootstrap 3, Foundation 5, % 85


At this stage I make sure I understand exactly what client wants from their website. Once we both agreed then I put together blueprint/wireframe so that the client would have a basic understanding of their future website.


This stage is all about establishing the look and feel of the website, so I use the gathered information for producing a clean, minimal and eye-catching design that not only follows their branding guidelines but also expresses the ethos of their company in clear visual language.

Architecture, UX

This is about thinking through the structure of the website from user's point of view, for example reducting the number of clicks to get to a page or how user interacts with a particular page, once this is completed and the end result is what client's looking for, then we dive in to building and producing the actual website.


This is the final stage where I get my hands dirty coding the website using various technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and of course Bootstrap 3, the most popular front end framework. Once the website is built then it's time for testing on various devices and web browsers.
London, W3
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